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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

10 Tax Laughs for Tax Day

I've been saving up all the amusing things I read or hear about taxes, and, in honor of Tax Day today, will share them with you.

#10 - This comic.
All theirs #irs #tax #humor

#9 - A Ron Swanson Quote.

Political Humor There is only one bad word, taxes. Any other word that is good enough for sailors is good enough for you.

#8 - This Tweet on extensions.

#7 - David Letterman Tax Tips.

#6 - This Comic.
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#5 - This e-card.

#4 - NPR's Marketplace investigative journalism on little known tax deductions.

#3 - The Onion's investigative journalism on the most overlooked tax credits.

#2 - John Oliver's (and Michael Bolton's) Defense of The IRS - it's a much maligned agency that's just trying to do its job.

#1 - The poem below, which captures the frustrations of tax season for tax preparers like me.

Memo Home Re: Tax Season
By Keith Mattson

I’m working late, I won’t be home;
Don’t try to reach me on the phone.
Don’t expect me home for dinner.
Don’t expect me home this winter.
Don’t even try to use your pull.
Don’t talk to me or shoot the bull.
I don’t want you to think me cruel,
But until May, my slate is full.
Just tell me what you spend and earn;
I’ll put it in a tax return.
(I hope that you will never learn
You’re just another file to churn.)
I’ve got files on my floor,
And on my chairs and desk are more.
I’ve got them coming in the door.
That’s all I do — I keep the score.
So far this year, the feds are winning,
With clients behind before beginning.
Their tax returns show “Balance due;”
Their checkbooks show a scarlet hue.
Their life is on a downward trend,
And then they ask, “Can we extend?”
I pause a bit … I say, “Absurd!
Where did you learn that awful word?”
But it’s too late for rhyme or reason;
They’ve just extended busy season!
And so, my dear, I’m warning you,
Just when we thought the season through:
I’m working late, I won’t be home;
Don’t try to reach me on the phone.
I’ll try to write or maybe call.
I hope to be home late this fall.