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Saturday, July 2, 2011

America, Of Thee We Sing

It's the Fourth of July!  Well, almost.  But it feels like the Fourth of July - I saw fireworks on my way home, it's muggy firefly weather, and I have watermelon in the fridge.  So, in honor of America, its glory, its imperfection, its promise, and its contraditions: here are some great patriotic videos.  I do love America, with all it has achieved and all it must still achieve.

Schoolhouse Rock (one of several good ones about American History)

Ray Charles (with Hebrew subtitles?):

Aretha, belt it out, girl!

Did you really think you could get away without the Mormon Tabernacle Choir?  No, sir!

So, Happy Fourth of July!  Be safe, and enjoy the barbeque, apple pie, and/or chocolate chip cookies while you catch the fireworks!

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  1. Of course Ray Charles' song has Hebrew subtitles--what is more American than unconditional support for the Israeli occupation of Palestine? :)