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Friday, March 22, 2013

Happy Half Birthday, Frodo!

Frodo Baggins and my brother Biggins have something in common (besides their love of adventure).  They share a birthday, which is September 22.  So today is their half birthday.  As a very special birthday present to them (half a year early, I might add), Molly Mormon Democrat has become a Twit.  Well, okay, I was always a twit, but now I have a twitter account to prove it.

You can tweet me at @MollyMormonDem, or whatever it is people do with Twitter nowadays.  I may even follow you back if I can figure out this new medium.  I decided that the only reason I wasn't on Twitter was that it made me feel morally superior to those whose thoughts could be expressed in 140 characters or less.  I realized that feeling morally superior is a really judgmental and terrible rut to be in, and I should at least try Twitter before I dismiss it as a medium.  Eventually, I may create a personal account that I have my real name on and share with my friends, but I like the anonymity of my blog name for now.

Happy 27 1/2 years, Biggins!

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