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Monday, September 1, 2014

In the Abstract

Today is Labor Day, where we celebrate the working men and women who have made America great!  It is somewhat ironic that many of my politically conservative friends love the movie Newsies, which celebrates unionization. For some reason, it's kind of a Mormon movie - probably has something to do with the upbeat singing and family friendly feel. Yet the movie has an undeniable progressive bent - the whole movie is about a working class union formed to fight evil capitalists. The fact that many of my friends like this movie gives me hope that we could someday discuss politics amicably. I think sometimes we have discussions about things like SNAP or Medicaid or Social Security in the abstract, and when that happens, it's very easy to distance ourselves from the problems of others. But when a movie (or book, or newspaper article) humanizes the real people who face these problems, I think it's easier to have a real conversation about them without demonizing (or overly lionizing) the people who face really tough situations. Maybe, deep down, my conservative friends can sympathize with and understand why unions might be a good idea for our society. Doesn't mean we won't still disagree, but I hope we can see each other's point of view. Go, unions!

BYU Vocal Point, Newsies Medley

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