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Sunday, December 13, 2009


There are many things I love about my mom, and one of those things is that she love Christmas, and decorating for it (at last count, we had 17 manger scenes throughout our house). Besides manger scenes, Christmas trees (perhaps worthy of a post all by themselves), twinkly lights, and stuffed santas, we usually have a few fresh poinsettias. Their merry white and red petals seem to speak aloud the beauty and freshness of Christmas. I was thinking about symbols of Christmas today, and decided to look up the poinsettias because I don't really know much about them. Turns out they were an import from Mexico many years ago. You can read about the legend associated with Christmas and Poinsettias here. So, here's to poinsettias! What Christmas symbols/decorations are meaningful to you?

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  1. We both inherited a LOVE for Christmas from our moms. Maybe that's why they're such good friends. I counted all the nativities in our house several years ago, and, including the small ones like tree ornaments and snow globes, we had 42 or 45. Now, we must have over 50! Oh, I love Christmas. That will be one thing I miss this year, seeing the house so festive and welcoming after finals week. But God will just do the decorating for us in Montana, blanketing everything with winter wonderland snow!