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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Navigating Charity

I know at Christmas time, you want to give to charitable organizations but sometimes it's hard to know which organizations will spend your hard earned dollar wisely. That's why I like Charity Navigator. It helps you pick your charity by category and rating system - it has a lot of useful information, like what percentage of the organization's budget goes to fundraising, other charities similar to your favorites, and searchability. I personally like to look at how much the CEO gets paid, because I feel like they shouldn't get paid much. Also, I like that the site lets you donate anonymously, that way you won't get a billion letters thanking you for your donation and using up your dough.

So give, and give generously - even if you don't have money.

From Howard W. Hunter's 1994 Christmas Devotional:

Christmas is a time for giving. Someone once said he couldn’t think of what to give for Christmas. The next day in the mail he received an anonymous list which read:
Give to your enemy forgiveness,
To your opponent tolerance,
To your friend your heart,
To all men charity, for the hands that help
are holier than lips that pray,
To every child a good example,
and to yourself—respect.

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