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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Trip the Light Fantastic

Over the past two years, Christmas is generally a time when I dust off the keyboard and get a-bloggin' (see the archives for 2009 and 2010 December posts).  This year will be no different - since I'm at the war chapters in Alma, I've decided to take a break from my re-reading of the Book of Mormon cover to cover.*  I'm also inspired by several friends who have been participating in Nablopomo, a challenge to post every day in November.

This year's Christmas posts will be a study in "light" - how the word appears in the scriptures, hymns, politics, and science, along with any additional random thoughts on anything tangentially related to light.  Light is such an interesting concept to me.  One of the only Sunday School lessons from high school to stick with me is the analogy of coming to Christ being like coming towards a really bright light bulb - as you come closer to Christ you are able to see your own imperfections clearer and clearer.  It's been a reminder that whenever I feel discouraged about my own weaknesses that Christ is the light, and as I move closer towards him *of course* I come to know how imperfect I am, and how much I need his light.

One of my favorite "light songs" is "This Little Light of Mine."  Someday I would love to see a rocking Mormon gospel choir sing it in church.  Until that day I'll have to be content with surfing YouTube versions of it.  This one's pretty good:

So, join me as I trip the light fantastic for this Christmas - hopefully without actually tripping over anything.  Hopefully I will light up your life, help you to lighten up, inspire you to let your light shine before men (and women), assist you to see the light, or at least shed light on why I am obsessed with light.

*Don't judge me.  Sometimes I skip 'em.  I think these are some of the only passages in scripture that I have actually enjoyed less as I've gotten older.  Any suggestions on making the war chapters less of a chore would be most welcome.

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  1. I'm in the war chapters too, though fast approaching Helaman so it feels like an end might be in sight :) I heard a friend say something recently about how those chapters might speak volumes to someone in a war-torn country, and maybe that's why they were so important to record. (This doesn't really help US so much but I have found some interesting ways of applying certain verses in those chapters to my life. Good luck! :) )