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Thursday, February 2, 2012


Don't you love the Spanish soccer announcers' enthusiasm when someone scores a goal?  If only we could have enthusiasm for our goals like that.  Too often it seems like goals are prosaic and dutiful, but not quite exciting.  I thought I would report to you (yes, all two of you) on my progress on my New Year's resolutions that I made all the way back in January.

Turns out, probably the easiest one was the exercise - I am pretty good at getting up early in the morning once I have the habit.  Plus, I'm a cheapskate, and once I pay for a gym I want to use it.

It was harder to actually find the time to watch a movie I hadn't seen.  It wasn't til late in the month that I got around to seeing "The Iron Lady" in the theater.  Margaret Thatcher was one tough cookie!  I also managed to squeeze in "War Horse" - a good sappy movie.

By far the hardest goal is my one of daily prayer.  I need to work on it.  

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