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Monday, April 2, 2012

Just Another Manic Molly Monday

Mondays are not my favorite day.  I mean, c'mon - it's the start of the work week!  But I've decided to do something to make them better, and commit to doing a blog post every Monday.  This doesn't necessarily mean that it will be a long one, but at least it will be consistent.  I will also try to include a picture or video to make my blog more visually interesting (I did not include a picture in my blog post on Saturday, because I did not want to know what would come up on a google image search about sex education!).

So, to begin: Jeopardy.  Specifically, the nerd-tastic show that features this guy:

I just found out that my co-worker got tickets to a local taping of Jeopardy and she's letting me go with her!!!  I have been a fan of this show for a looooong time.  This is mostly thanks to my maternal grandparents, who ALWAYS watched Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune.  When they stayed with us, or we stayed with them, every night, without fail, would bring the delights of "spin that wheel"!, daily doubles, buying vowels, corny facts about the contestants, and double Jeopardy.  

In high school, I joined the Quiz Bowl team (true, I was second string).  While I dreamed of appearing on "College Jeopardy" that never quite worked out.  I did try out a couple of years ago for real Jeopardy, but never got called up.  I would probably get overly excited and lose big time, so I guess the show's producers saved me personal embarrassment!

For some reason I love Jeopardy much more than Wheel of Fortune.  Jeopardy is much harder, so maybe that's why it's my favorite.  I think the reason that I enjoy it is that I don't know everything on the show.  It's good "brain floss" to remember quirky facts or do fun word puzzles.  I'll end with a scene from one of my favorite movies involving Jeopardy:

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  1. I <3 Jeopardy! too. I don't remember grandma and grandpa being big on those shows, but I guess this is why we have older siblings, who actually remember stuff! :)