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Monday, April 30, 2012

I Love the Rain The Most

For some odd reason, I really love rain.  I feel comforted by the pitter patter of raindrops on the roof or the flash of thunder and crash of lightening during a sudden thunderstorm.  As I analyze myself, I think it's one of the reasons I hated California when I first moved there - no rain!  The weather during summer seemed so boring.  Lately I've really come to love this song from Joe Purdy:

A lyric that I once heard from a song has always stuck with me, and since it is about rain I thought I would throw it in here.  The song is talking about God's power:

"He can move mountains of grief
and oceans of pain,
But sometimes He lets it rain."

Sometimes we wish our lives were free of pain, or sorrow, or grief and we can't understand why God would let this rain come down on us, or let the ocean waves crash over us, pushing us past endurance.  The song ends with this thought:

"There is no joy without the pain.
Sometimes He has to let it rain."

I just watched a documentary about some people who lost loved ones during 9/11.  It's called "Rebirth," and I thought that was an apt metaphor for what these particular people experienced - it was so painful to lose a loved one in such a terrible terrorist act, but each person found something about themselves, or learned something about their lost ones, that helped them get through it.  They found joy in life, even after a terrible tragedy.  We can do the same.

Joe Purdy sings "I love the rain the most...when it stops."  After a rainstorm the whole earth is cleaner and brighter.  When you see the sun peek through the clouds again it's a visible reminder of hope, and light after darkness.  The rainy days of sorrow wash away the grime and dirt of life and help us see what is truly important.

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