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Monday, January 28, 2013

On Indecision

So, I love Anne of Green Gables, and have probably read all the books in the series multiple times.  In one of the books, Anne makes a friend during her college years named Phillipa.  Anyway, Phillipa is very indecisive.  This comes into play because Phillipa has many suitors, being, of course, extremely beautiful.  It sticks in my head only because the two guys she whittles it down to are Alec and Alonzo (alliteration!).  She can't decide between them - both are handsome and rich, of course.  Phillipa is not just indecisive about love, she is indecisive about other, smaller decisions.  She can't decide which hat to wear when she leaves the house, etc. (about now, all the boys are going, why do you like these books?).  On the hats, she eventually has to close her eyes and stick a pin in the hat.  

Eventually, Phillipa meets a friend who tells her "just do whatever you will wish you did when you are seventy."  In other words, pretend you are 70 years old and looking back on your life - what will you wish you had done in that moment?  It works for Phillipa but I don't think it really works for me.

One of my main personality traits is indecision - I have trouble making decisions ranging from choosing something to eat to choosing a job to choosing a car, etc. etc. etc.  And now, having spent hours on the following dilemma, I am no closer to a solution.  We are turning a spare room* into a guest room and I have to buy a bed.  I've researched the options and prices and finishes until I'm blue in the face but I am no closer to deciding between the two of these daybeds.  I know I want something that can double as a couch when it's not being used as a bed.  So here are the options:

Option #1:

Fashion Bed Group Stratford Wood Daybed in Mahogany Finish with Pop-Up Trundle

Option #2:

Staci Cherry Daybed - Hillsdale

This is a ridiculous "first world problem," I know.  But it is not making me happy to worry about it.  Eventually I'm just going to have to pick one, especially as we have a guest staying with us in February who will need to use it!

*And yes, in Anne's (and Miss Barry's) honor, 'twill be the sparest of spare rooms.


  1. Definitely #1. The curved sides would be more comfortable to rest an arm on, and the bottom curtain thing would allow you to store junk underneath it without anyone knowing.

  2. Hi, I can't remember how I found the link to your blog, buuuut I vote for #1. It's prettier. :)

  3. It depends on the look you're going for, but I also like #1. It's a little more elegant and lovely!

    P.S. I also like Anne of Green Gables, although I have not read them in a very long time.

  4. Okay, so I definitely went with #1. I think that's the one I liked better all along, but all of you gave me the external validation I craved! :)