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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Christmas Cheer

It would always seem to hit unexpectedly.  Suddenly there would be mounds of delicious rolls, ziploc bags, Christmas bows, and a delicious smell of baking bread emanating from the house.  Our kitchen would take on an assembly line mentality.  It was time to deliver Christmas rolls!  My mom makes the best homemade rolls on this planet (I know this with every fiber of my being).  As long as I can remember, there would be a night of deliveries of a dozen fresh homemade rolls each to friends and neighbors around Christmas time.

In the house that I grew up in, there was a holly bush, and I remember standing in the cold with scissors to snip bits of holly to adorn the deliveries.  When we were littler and cuter (and terrible singing was therefore more easily forgiven) we got to carol amidst our deliveries.  We delivered to neighbors, ward members, piano teachers, and my dad's co-workers.  There's something about it that feels so home-y and warm, even though it's organizational chaos coordinating who is going to which houses and deciding who makes the cut - we can't deliver rolls to everyone!  Although sometimes it feels like we try.

So anyway, I love that about Christmas - the deliveries and sharing that take place!  In a small way I got into the Christmas spirit with a meager three pans of rolls today (chump change).  I hope someday to be as awesome as my mom and as generous with my time and talents.

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  1. I remember that holly tree too! Yes! Good-holiday-memories-post FTW!