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Friday, November 23, 2012

Circular Reference Warning

Previously I have blogged about my true love: Microsoft Excel.  Those of you who use MS Excel may have seen the "Circular Reference Warning" - it's an error when a cell in the spreadsheet is referencing itself in a formula.  It's the equivalent to "does not compute" for Excel.  Instead of writing a new blog post today, I'm going to reference some of my most-viewed and/or favorite blog posts of the past.  I realize this is heresy similar to quoting yourself in church, but nonetheless, here goes.

Here are the top 5 posts by view count:
Capitalism Is the Worst Economic System, Except For... (apparently I need to quote Winston Churchill more often?  This is the most-searched-for item that leads to my blog according to my statistical analysis.  However, this is also one of my favorite posts so I'm glad it's gotten a lot of views)
Jesus is Risen! (gets a lot of viewers from Russia, apparently)
Inaugural Blog Post (my first big, official post - ahh, the memories)
A Politico's Prayer (this was one of my favorite election-themed posts this year, so I'm glad it's popular)
Epic Book Report Saga Continues (don't know why this one of my book reports last year was so popular, but I like this post too)

Here are some of my favorite posts, in no particular order:
- I enjoyed doing a bunch of posts on Mitt Romney this year.
- Geometric shapes, religion, and politics
- New Year's Resolutions (more to come in 2013, most likely)
- My favorite Christmas-themed post
- Tax Nerd to the max!
- And this and this are probably my favorite political posts

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