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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

True Story: My mom hates Mother's Day.  She dislikes it because she feels like it's an excuse to be nice to your mother once a year and then treat her like dirt the rest of the year (she had really terrible kids, apparently).  She may be the only mother who is like this, I don't know for sure.  However, today is her birthday, so I have to express my gratitude for her raising me.  She has her quirks, like hating Mother's Day. But she is so fun!  She is much more spontaneous than the accountant writing these words.  She got me in to my first concert for free (The Beach Boys, for the record.  Yeah, I was that cool as a 12-year old).  She even braved the freezing cold to go with us Obama's first inauguration in 2009!

She loves kids, and someday will be the best grandma ever - she will spoil them something awful.  She is also a great teacher who loves doing object lessons.  She has imbued all of us with a love of art (or at least an appreciation for it), and currently volunteers as a docent at the art gallery, giving tours to kids.  In short, I hope someday to be the kind of mom she is.  Mom likes to say that Mother's Day is 365 days a year, and I agree - Happy Mother's Day!  And Happy Birthday, Mom!

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