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Saturday, November 17, 2012

My Bros

Growing up, I thought it was terribly tragic to have three (count 'em, THREE!) brothers.  I envied those friends of mine who had sisters.  When one of them was especially annoying, I would fantasize about trading them in for a sister.  Now that we are all older, however, I wouldn't trade any one of them in.  I love my brothers, and I'm thankful for each and every one.  (I've noted before that I'm terrible at keeping in touch with people, and this is true for my brothers too.  Maybe I should call them instead of writing a blog post about them...yeah...)
We made it through Hezekiah's tunnel together.
Biggins is a born lawyer - loves words, arguments, and logic (which is why he is part Mathematician, too).  He reads more about a more varied set of topics than anyone I know, and seems to hone in on every interesting article or video to be found on any corner of the internet.  He self-describes as a pedantic a-hole, but in reality is one of the most understanding of people I know.  When we got a new puppy while he was in middle school, he was the sweetest cuddler with her of all of us.  Breakfast cereal, Chicken Nuggets, and Pizza made up his diet well into his teenage years, but he has since broadened his horizons and even eats coleslaw now.  He cracks his knuckles, which drives my mom crazy.  In short, he is funny and smart and awesome.

K-meister is the next Bill Gates/Steve Jobs/computing supergenius of the world.  He is the Brain to my Pinky, and I'm convinced that he will someday take over the world.  He's a quiet one, and sadly is moving thousands of miles away from us, but we'll find a way to embarrass him yet.  K is a brave Democrat in the face of near-universal opposition at BYU-Idaho currently.  Soon, he will be taking over the computer engineering world of San Diego.  This will probably involve his current favorite pastime, smoking meat.  He will bring true Texas BBQ to the sunny shores of California.  His mission gave him a taste of places that are warm all the time, and I don't think he'll ever live near snow again.  Sometimes wacky taste in music, but lovable and loyal nonetheless.

Banjo is currently serving a mission in a beautiful European country with a romance language to wow the ladies when he returns in December.  Betting odds lean heavily in favor of him being the first of us to marry, despite being the youngest, as he was the only one to have a steady girlfriend during High School.  He LOVES! EXCLAMATION! MARKS!  His exuberance will be applied to who-knows-what major when he returns in glory to college in January.  During high school he loved to drive my mom's old van around full of his friends.  He was three when he joined swim team and is the only one of us with any musical talent on the piano.  Did I mention he is multi-talented?  In fourth grade, he wrote his future biography and stated that he would be President someday.  When he's President, Biggins will be chief counsel, K will prosecute the cyber war with [insert country here], and I will have the best job of all - Christmas tree lighter.

Have I convinced you to marry any of them yet?  I am still in the market for a sister or two or three to add to these great brothers.  Luckily, I now trust them to choose wisely.  I love you guys!

They look even cuter with beards ;)

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  1. Awww! (Mom also loved this, I showed it to her and she read it in the car on the way home last night.)