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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Day After

You might guess that my reaction to the news last night was...ENTHUSIASTIC!  Obviously, my guy won so it is easy to be happy today.  However, based on some of my friends' Facebook statuses, last night's reelection (!) of Barack Obama can best be described by this R.E.M. song:

Seriously, I had to exercise self-restraint to NOT comment on statuses that declared the end is near and we should be stocking up on canned goods.  Obama's reelection does not merit sackcloth, ashes, or discourses on how we are all going to Hades in a Handbasket.*  If the re-election of a president you disagree with is the end of your world, maybe you need to get some perspective.  Obama will not have unilateral power, and the Republican party still controls the House of Representatives and can filibuster the Senate ALL. DAY. LONG.  I may disagree with Governor Romney, but I don't think his election would have spelled disaster for all mankind.  Of course, you may point out that it easy for me to say this, because my party was victorious.  You are completely right, but hopefully I will remember this post the next time a Republican wins the White House.

As C.J. Cregg once had to remind President Barlett in the fictional world world of The West Wing, "In a democracy, often times other people win."  Now is the time where we should be sitting down as a country and saying, we are very divided - this was a close election.  People elected a Democratic President, a Republican House, and a Democratic Senate.  How can we make this work?  It's time to govern, and I hope both the Congressional Republicans and President Obama can make the tough choices that it's going to take to deal with the debt and all the other problems facing this country.  In that respect, I am hopeful - Speaker Boehner said he is open to "new revenues" to address the fiscal cliff.  I'm hoping the parties can reach a deal.

Besides the headliner, here's other election news I found exciting:
- Tammy Duckworth, a double amputee, was elected to the House of Representatives.
- New Hampshire has the first all-woman congressional delegation (two senators and two representatives!).
- Speaking of women, for the first time 20 (!!!!) of the U.S. Senators will be women.  That's one in five!
- Jim Matheson, a Democrat, held on to his seat in that reddest-of-red states, Utah.
- The Mormon Church put out a classy statement about the election.

The other big Facebook comment by Republican friends?  Already gearing up for 2016...sigh...

*Incidentally, Hades in a Handbasket would make a great band name.

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