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Friday, November 30, 2012


While it's been hard to find something to write about every day (especially something that I think others would find interesting), I've liked writing every day.  And, in a perfect bit of serendipity, this post is the end of NaBloPoMo and my 200th blog post (cue confetti!).  But why do I really like blogging?  Here are some possible reasons:

(1) Blogging is very different from what I do on a day-to-day basis.  It's a lot more creative and extemporaneous than writing work emails and memos.  Similar to baking, blogging is just a different skill set than tax accounting.

(2) It's a non-confrontational way to express myself.  I generally don't like to argue with people, so blogging is a way to share my opinions, which are strongly felt, but I rarely share them in person because I don't want to offend others. This may be the reason that one of my clients thinks I'm a Republican (I've never contradicted her, which just shows how spineless I am).

(3) Writing gives me a chance to think about why I believe what I do.  By writing out my ideas and thoughts, they seem to acquire more definitive contours and I'm able to consider an argument - how to structure it, how to appeal to people who may disagree with me.  Writing it all down hopefully makes my Liberalism at least a little bit more rational.  I much prefer writing to conversation (anti-social, I know - see #2 above).  Perhaps writing is the other side of my passion for reading.

(4) Blogging gives me the illusion of importance without bothering other people and blathering all day long. I have a secret fear that inside the quiet me there is the REALLY ANNOYING ME that won't ever shut up.  You know, the person at a party who thinks they are SO interesting when in fact all they want to talk about is how awesome they are (spoiler alert: they are not actually awesome).  You may be able to tell that I don't like people like that.  So, a blog is a way that the audience can be self selecting.  I won't have to intrude my opinions or thoughts where they are not wanted.  I'm pretty sure that the only regular reader of this blog is my brother, but that's okay.  This girl can still nourish the secret, laughable dream that someday someone somewhere will make a movie about my blog (could Meryl Streep be me?  Please?).

(5) Two words: punching bag.  Blogging is great stress relief - even if I don't really blog about the stuff that's bothering me (because, along with #4, I'm kind of paranoid about strangers learning my secrets - the internets is forever).

(6) Love of Routine, or maybe I'm OCD?  My daily routine is very structured and I like to do everything in a certain order.  So blogging every day becomes a part of the routine that is fun and non-accounting related (see #1).

So, this is the end!  Or, is it?  I may be blogging in December too...just for the sheer joy of it :)

This does not really relate to this post, but I have LOVED my calendar's picture for November.  Just makes you want to walk down that lane, doesn't it?

Cider, a warm sweater, and a cute dog are all this picture really needs.
Anyone want to vacation with me in Oregon to find this road?

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  1. Great entry and I like how you think outside the box. Re: item 2, it's okay to argue/debate as long as people can disagree without being disagreeable and spiteful. I always learn a lot from people with different opinions. :)

    PS: Eleanor Roosevelt said, "do what you feel in your heart to be right - for you'll be criticized anyway. You'll be damned if you do, and damned if you don't."